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The beginning: March 15, 2020.

I remember vividly how that day went about. It was a Sunday, and I was out in the province after months of staying in Metro Manila. During this point in time, a little-known virus had spread mostly in the capital. Government officials, scrambling to contain it, declared a “lockdown” days prior to its actual implementation.

That day came on this particular Sunday. There was a sense of fear in the air and doubts about the new precarious situation. With the lockdowns come checkpoints, and many people were stranded in the capital with nowhere to go.

Luckily, I escaped Metro Manila…

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I will tell you a smashing truth: it’s hard to be productive when anxiety hits home. As a person with a first-hand experience of this, I find that working on the next big thing is hard when anxiety have a hard grip on you.

Somehow, I’ve read on a Medium article (though I can’t search for it anymore) that productivity hacks don’t work when you have anxiety. I greatly second the article: it really is hard to be productive when your brain is literally panicking.

Anxiety forces your brain into a fight-or-flight mode, dedicating all mental resources to searching for…

macOS’ move to ARM infrastructure will have one unlikely beneficiary: Windows 10. Here’s why.

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A month ago, Apple introduced the world to a game-changing move that has the potential to ignite a revolution in the PC space: the move to ARM architecture. Even though the exact wording by the Cupertino-based company is that they’re moving to their own Apple Silicon, the world knows by now that the company meant a move to the ARM architecture. …

The fight for our personal rights has never been more apparent with the recent events that transpired in our country over the past few months. First, the Philippines handled the COVID-19 pandemic terribly. Second, the government is keen to prioritize the needs and wants of the elite class more than the masses. And third, ABS-CBN shut down even as it was guaranteed an extension to operate.

Right in front of our very own eyes, we watch as our own freedoms vanish into thin air. We watch as own our safety, privacy, and security disappear like it was snapped out of…

Nature blossoms, nature springs

I hear the call of the birds as they pass by

The sound of the leaves as the winds carry them

I see the clear blue mountain as I took a clear sigh

Sky’s never been as clear as the clouds create a momentary zen

There I feel the August drops of rain

Over the lush verdant meadow, the sunshine’s o’er my head and lifts my pain

The calming grass as I speed past the rushing stream

The smell of the mountain breeze as I gaze to the calming waters of the lake

Now I hear the melody…

The beautiful elementaryOS 5.1 (Photo lifted from

Most of us are comfortable enough with our operating system of choice. In this day and age, many would pick among the three: Windows, macOS, and Linux. Windows is the most popular operating system yet by a wide margin. macOS and Linux follows Windows’ lead, but that is not to say that they are inferior to Windows. As a matter of fact, all three OSes have come a long way from the days of clunky UI and complicated interfaces.

While most of us would be comfortable using the OS of our choice, it doesn’t hurt to try another OS for…

Man’s breath demands a repose
From the struggles of life, a glimpse comes close
Flashes of light from up above
Curtain of darkness from down below

Breathe in, breathe out
Everything’s fine as man lets his breathe out
A gift of breathe no one asked for
A gift of breathe so precious, it’s life’s core

Embrace the darkness that comes from within
Slowly falling into silence herein
Learn that darkness brings solitude
That darkness is beauty
That darkness is grace
That darkness is peace

A slow pace of beat emanates
From the dust man came
To dust man returns
Yet as dust takes…

Climate change is happening now. We just don’t mind it.

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It’s November again. It’s the time for the spooks and the scares. A time when horror movies become a favorite genre. A time when the narratives of zombies, ghosts, and vampires are told to people young and old.

But there is a narrative that is more haunting than ghosts themselves. And even more unsettling than the living undead.

Today, we are being haunted. Haunted by the spectre of climate change. Not one of us can escape this haunting session. We are all trapped inside one big planet that has become…

A personal journey of struggling

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I vividly remember the first time I had a mental breakdown. It was 2015, and I just started college. During the weekends, me and my family went on a resort for a short vacation. In the afternoon, we went swimming in one of the large pools inside the resort.

Suddenly, thoughts of going to hell dominated my mind. Soon, I found myself thinking that I was in a grave danger. Something is wrong, but everything seems fine. I spent a huge chunk in the afternoon crying, begging for the negative thoughts to stop.

That night, everything seems so surreal. I…

I thought it was going to be easy ditching the beloved port. It’s not.

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano.

UPDATE, AUGUST 2020: I still REALLY miss the headphone jack. And unfortunately, only a few smartphone manufacturers are still shipping the beloved jack on flagships.

Way back December 2018, I brought a OnePlus 6T as an upgrade to my ancient iPhone 4S. Ever since that purchase, I have come to love every aspect of this device. The display is gorgeous, the camera is enough for my daily needs, and the battery lasts a day.

Purchasing the OnePlus 6T also means adjusting to the notable omission of…

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