Breathe in, breathe out

Kenrick Buduan
1 min readNov 21, 2019

Man’s breath demands a repose
From the struggles of life, a glimpse comes close
Flashes of light from up above
Curtain of darkness from down below

Breathe in, breathe out
Everything’s fine as man lets his breathe out
A gift of breathe no one asked for
A gift of breathe so precious, it’s life’s core

Embrace the darkness that comes from within
Slowly falling into silence herein
Learn that darkness brings solitude
That darkness is beauty
That darkness is grace
That darkness is peace

A slow pace of beat emanates
From the dust man came
To dust man returns
Yet as dust takes him, a spark radiates
The last will to live comes and thus states
“Man, wake up! Tis’ un-extinguished lantern!”

Breathe in, breathe out.
Man, never give up!
Death lies in wait but so is life
So as long as there is breathe, live!
Life is a gift, and so is death.
Freely given, yet no one knows when.