Kenrick Buduan
2 min readApr 22, 2020
Nature blossoms, nature springs

I hear the call of the birds as they pass by

The sound of the leaves as the winds carry them

I see the clear blue mountain as I took a clear sigh

Sky’s never been as clear as the clouds create a momentary zen

There I feel the August drops of rain

Over the lush verdant meadow, the sunshine’s o’er my head and lifts my pain

The calming grass as I speed past the rushing stream

The smell of the mountain breeze as I gaze to the calming waters of the lake

Now I hear the melody the cicadas has composed for me

See the small fish swim in the river as I sit peacefully on a tree

Gaze over the quaint flower signalling the rite of spring

Calm as the cool wind dampens my shoulder and sends me to slumber

Nighttime has arrived and the stars shine for me

Peace, quiet, and stillness suspends the valley in a dance of darkness

Moon glows so faint yet so reassuring

So quiet, yet I hear the symphony of insects as they lie in vastness

Yet now, all I see and hear is desolation

A quiet, tepid whisper from the air above

Man’s activity is nothing but step away into isolation

A horrific ruin of the calm, bygone past

I run into the forest looking for a solitude

All my eyes can feast on is this jungle called urban

No more grass lies on the poisoned river

For the nature I deemed to hold is poisoned by man.