The Haunting Specter of Climate Change

Climate change is happening now. We just don’t mind it.

It’s November again. It’s the time for the spooks and the scares. A time when horror movies become a favorite genre. A time when the narratives of zombies, ghosts, and vampires are told to people young and old.

But there is a narrative that is more haunting than ghosts themselves. And even more unsettling than the living undead.

Today, we are being haunted. Haunted by the spectre of climate change. Not one of us can escape this haunting session. We are all trapped inside one big planet that has become a horror house, and we are spooked by droughts, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and many more. Yet we didn’t seemed to mind.

The reality of climate change can’t be denied. The planet has become a horror house, and we’re all trapped in it. Climate change haunts every aspect of our daily life. We didn’t seemed to mind — not because we’re not scared, but because it hasn’t unleashed its full arsenal yet.

But climate change will get worse. Its scares will get worse everyday until we can’t shrug it off. Eventually, Mother Earth — the person who we’ve killed with our actions — will exact her revenge like an angry phantasm that will not rest until justice is served.

Just look at what happened way back 2013. Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, packed enough force to kill more than 6,000 people. The brutality of the typhoon reminds us that every action that kills our planet haunts us back in a disturbing way. The winds that blew through the houses and the waters that forced their way inland is Mother Earth whispering in an angry tone that she had enough of our ignorance.

We didn’t seemed to learn from our ignorance. Every year, we plow through our happy lives like nothing is happening. We turn a blind eye to the writings on the wall. And the writings on the wall is all the same: climate change is happening, and it’s getting worse.

The phantasms unleashed by Mother Earth is getting more scary every year. The continuous rise in global temperature seems a lowly phantasm to shrug off — but the reality is, we are all slowly crumbling, scared before that phantasm. With each year getting hotter and hotter, heat waves are becoming deadlier than ever. Wildfires are affecting a much larger portion of the population.

So when will we pay attention to the the haunting specter of climate change? When will we heed the call of people who had enough of our species’ ignorance? When will we, as a species, learn to respect the living planet the same way we respect our undead?

The answer is never known. We are after all, a foolish species who stepped into a horror house unaware of what’s going to happen. But this is no fiction — we are stepping into a real horror house whose haunting specter will make us cry for mercy.

22 | Filipino